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Hong Kong protesters are using one ingenious app to organize themselves

How do protesters stay in contact with each other when the government has shut down or censored Internet and mobile networks? Simple: You don’t use either.

Meet Open Garden’s FireChat, the messenger app protesters in Hong Kong have been using to circumvent government attempts to prevent them from organizing by blocking social networks like Instagram. Instead of relying on a single website or government-controlled networks, FireChat uses a technology called mesh networking for its “Nearby” chat mode. 

Here’s what it looks like in action | Follow micdotcom 

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Protect black women at all cost

this making me tear up because..

THIS is what should be happening!

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This right here is truth

that this isn’t the impulse of most brothas on the street is what’s a big part of the problem. this my city. black men need to do better and this is an excellent how-to presentation right here

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